The Classification System

Ancestral Pueblo: Greater MogollonChihuahuaCasas GrandesCasas Grandes Decorated or Polychrome WareBabicora Polychrome
Corralitos Polychrome
Escondida Polychrome
Madera Black-on-red
Ramos Polychrome
Villa Ahumada Polychrome
Casas Grandes Utility WareCasas Grandes (Convento) Plain and Textured
Playas Incised Red - Brown
Playas Red - Red-on-brown
Ramos Black
Greater SaladoUpper Gila (Highland Salado)Gila (Salado) Utility WareClff Patterned Corrugated
Gila (Clff) Plain Slipped Red / Smudged
Gila (Cliff) Plain Utility - Smudged
Salado White-on-red
Maverick Mountain Polychrome WareTucson / Maverick Mountain Polychrome
Roosevelt Red (Salado Polychrome) WareCliff (Gila) Polychrome
Gila Polychrome
Pinto Polychrome
Tonto Polychrome
Jornada MogollonNorthern Jornada (Sierra Blanca)Northern Jornada Brown WareCorona Corrugated
Corona Plain
Jornada Brown
Ochoa Indented Corrugated - Plain Brown
Sierra Blanca (Playas Variety) Incised )
South Pecos Brown
Northern Jornada White WareChupadero Black-on-white
Tabira Black-on-white - Polychrome
Salinas Plain WareSalinas Red
Tabira Plain White
Three Rivers Red WareJornada Plain Slipped Red
Lincoln Black-on-red
San Andres (Broadline) Red-on- brown/terracotta
Three Rivers Red-on-terracotta
Southern Jornada (El Paso)El Paso Brown - Polychrome WareEl Paso Bichrome - Polychrome
El Paso Brown
Mogollon HighlandsMogollon-MimbresMimbres Decorated / White WareMangas (Boldface or Style I) Black-on-white
Mimbres Classic (Style III) Black-on-white - Polychrome
Mimbres Transitional (Style II) Black-on-white
Mogollon Red-on-brown
Three Circle Red-on-white
Mogollon Brown WareAlma Incised-Punched
Alma Neckbanded
Alma Polished Plain
Alma Rough
Alma Scored
McDonalds Corrugated
Reserve Incised Corrugated/Smudged
Reserve Indented Corrugated/Smudged
Reserve Plain Corrugated/Smudged
Reserve Plain Smudged
Seco Corrugated
Starkweather Smudged Decorated
Three Circle Neckcoiled
Tularosa Fillet Rim Smudged
Tularosa Patterned Corrugated/Smudged
Mogollon Red WareSan Francisco Red
Tularosa White-on-red
Upper Gila (Highland Salado)Gila (Salado) Utility WareSalado Red
Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande ValleyNorthern Rio GrandeGreater Tewa Basin (Northern Tewa)Northern Rio Grande Gray WareNorthern Rio Grande (Pojoaque) Neckbanded
Northern Rio Grande Coiled Clapboarded Gray
Northern Rio Grande Early Plain Gray
Northern Rio Grande Indented Corrugated
Sapawe Micaceous Washboard
Tesuque Smeared Corrugated
Northern Rio Grande Historic Bichrome - Polychrome WareOgapoge Polychrome
Powhoge Polychrome
Sakona Black-on-tan - Polychrome
San Ildefonso Polychrome - Black-on-red
Sankawi Black-on-cream
Tesuque Polychrome
Tewa Polychrome
Northern Rio Grande Historic Plain WarePotsuwi'i Incised - Plain
San Juan Red-on-tan
Tewa (Kapo) Polished Black
Tewa Polished Buff
Tewa Polished Red
Northern Rio Grande Micaceous Utility WareSapawe (Late Polished Interior Variety) Micaceous
Tewa Polished Micaceous - Smudged
Tewa Unpolished Micaceous
Northern Rio Grande White WareAbiquiu (Biscuit A) Black-on- (gray) white
Bandelier (Biscuit B) Black-on- (gray) white
Biscuit Ware Types General Description
Kwahe'e Black-on-white
Pindi Black-on-white
Red Mesa Black-on-white (NRG)
Santa Fe Black-on-white
Wiyo Black-on-white
PecosPecos Glaze WareGlaze III Polychrome (Pecos Valley) (C)
Glaze IV Polychrome (Pecos Valley) (D)
Glaze V Polychrome (Pecos Valley) (E)
Glaze VI Bichrome(Pecos Valley) (F)
Pecos Glaze Polychrome
Pecos Gray WarePecos Blind (Smeared) Corrugated
Pecos Plain Faint to Heavily Striated Gray
Pecos Plain Unpolished Utility
Pecos Plain WarePecos Plain Polished Smudged Faint to Heavy Striated
Pecos Plain Polished Red
Pecos Plain Polished Smudged
Pecos White White WareRowe Black-on-white
Rio Grande HispanicHispanic Utility-Plain WareCarnue Gray Utility
Casitas Red-on-brown
Hispanic (Manzano) Polished Black
Hispanic Micaceous
Valencia (Salinas) White
Taos (Northern Tiwa)Taos Gray WareTaos Corrrugated
Taos Gray
Taos Incised
Taos Micaceous
Taos Neckbanded - Coiled
Taos White WareTalpa Black-on-white
Taos Black-on-white
Trampas Black-on-white
Vadito Black-on-white
Southern Rio GrandeMiddle Rio GrandeMiddle Rio Grande Utility WareIsleta Red-on-tan
Middle Rio Grande White WareGalisteo Black-on-white
Middle-Southern Rio Grande Glaze WareAgua Fria Glaze-on-red
Arenal Glaze Polychrome
Cieneguilla Glaze-on-yellow-polychrome
Espinoso Glaze Polychrome
Kotyiti Glaze Red-Yellow-Polychrome
Kuaua Glaze Polychrome
Largo Glaze-on-Yellow-Red-Polychrome
Los Padillas Glaze Polychrome
Pottery Mound Glaze Polychrome
Puaray Glaze (E) Polychrome
San Clemente Glaze Polychrome
San Lazaro Glaze Polychrome
San Marcos Glaze on red-yellow-polychrome
Northeast Keres District Polychrome WareCochiti Polychrome
Kiua Polychrome
Santo Domingo Polychrome
Puname District Polychrome WareJemez River Polychrome
Puname Polychrome
Ranchitos Polychrome
San Pablo Polychrome
Santa Ana Polychrome
Zia Polychrome
Rio AbajoPitoche Brown WareLos Lunas Smudged
Pitoche Plain
Pitoche Ribbed Coil (Corrugated)
Rio Abajo White WareElmendorf Black-on-white
Magdalena Black-on-white
San Marcial Black-on-white
Socorro Black-on-white
Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)Central AnasaziChaco and CibolaChaco-Cibola White WareCebolleta Black-on-white
Chaco Black-on-white
Chaco-McElmo Black-on-white
Escavada Black-on-white
Gallup Black-on-white
Kiatuthlanna Black-on-white
Klagetoh Black-on-white
La Plata Black-on-white
Pinedale Black-on-white
Puerco Black-on-white
Red Mesa Black-on-white
Reserve Black-on-white
Snowflake Black-on-white
Tohatchi Red-on-brown
Tularosa Black-on-white
White Mound Black-on-white
Cibola-Tusayan Early Red WareTallahogan Red
Tohatchi Red
Cibola-Tusayan Gray WareChaco P II III Corrugated
Chaco P III Corrugated
Coolidge (Chaco Straight Rim) Corrugated
Kana'a Gray Neckbanded
Lino Gray
Obelisk Utility
Tohatchi Neckbanded
ChuskaChuska Gray WareBennett Gray
Blue Shale Corrugated
Captain Tom Corrugated
Gray Hills Banded
Hunter Corrugated
Newcomb Corrugated
Sheep Springs Banded
Tocito Neckbanded
Chuska Red WareSanostee Black-on-red
Chuska White Ware (Mineral Paint)Brimhall Black-on-white
Crozier Black-on-white
Drolet Black-on-white
Naschitti Black-on-white
Taylor Black-on-white
Chuska White Ware (Organic Paint)Chuska Black-on-white
Crumbled House Black-on-white
Nava Black-on-white
Newcomb Black-on-white
Pena Black-on-white
Theodore Black-on-white
Toadlena Black-on-white
Tunicha Black-on-white
Northern San JuanNorthern San Juan Gray WareChapin Gray
Dolores Corrugated
Mancos Corrugated
Mancos Gray
Mesa Verde Corrugated
Moccasin Gray (Neckbanded)
Mummy Lake Gray
Twin Trees Gray
Northern San Juan Red WareAbajo Red-on-orange
Bluff Black-on-red
Deadmans Black-on-red
Dolores Red
Northern San Juan White WareChapin Black-on-white (Early Style)
Chapin Black-on-white (Rosa Style)
Cortez Black-on-white
Mancos Black-on-white
McElmo Black-on-white
Mesa Verde Black-on-white
Piedra Black-on-white (Northern San Juan)
White Mesa Black-on-white
Southern CibolaAcoma Historic Matte Paint WareAcoma Polychrome
Acomita Polychrome
Ako Polychrome
Laguna Polychrome
White Mountain Red WareCedar Creek Polychrome
Fourmile Polychrome
Kintiel - Klagetoh Polychrome
Pinedale Black-on-red - Polychrome
Puerco Black-on-red - Polychrome
Showlow Polychrome
Springerville Polychrome
St Johns Black-on-red - Polychrome
Techado Polychrome
Wingate Black-on-red - Polychrome
Zuni Historic Matte Paint WareAshiwi Polychrome
Kiapkwa Polychrome
Matsaki Red-on-buff - Polychrome
Zuni Polychrome
Zuni-Acoma Glaze WareHawikuh Polychrome
Heshotauthla Black-on-red - Polychrome
Kechipawan Polychrome
Kwakina Polychrome
Pinnawa Glaze-on-white
Eastern (Mountain) AnasaziGallinaGallina Gray WareGallina Gray-Striated-Neckbanded-Coiled-Punched-Corrugated
Gallina White WareGallina Black-on-white
JemezJemez Gray WareJemez Gray Polished Interior
Jemez Smeared / IndentedCorrugated
Jemez White WareJemez (Colono Ware) Black-on-white / White
Jemez Black-on-white
Vallecitos Black-on-white
Upper San JuanUpper San Juan Gray WareArboles Gray
Arboles Neckbanded - Clapboarded - Coiled
Payan Corrugated
Piedra Gray
Rosa Gray
Rosa Neckbanded
Sambrito Utility
Upper San Juan White WareArboles Black-on-white
Bancos Black-on-white
Piedra Black-on-white (Upper San Juan)
Rosa Black-on-white
Western AnasaziTusayan (Kayenta)Jeddito Yellow WareAwatovi Black-on-yellow
Bidahochi Polychrome
Jeddito Black-on-orange - Polychrome
Jeddito Black-on-yellow - Engraved - Stippled
Paayu Polychrome
Sikyatki Polychrome - (Awatabi) Engraved - Stippled
Polacca Yellow WarePayupki Polychrome
San Bernardo Polychrome
Tsegi Orange WareCameron Polychrome
Citadel Polychrome
Kayenta Polychrome
Kiet Siel Polychrome
Medicine Black-on-red
Tsegi Black-on-orange
Tsegi Orange - Red-on-orange
Tsegi Polychrome
Tusayan Black-on-red
Tusayan Polychrome
Tusayan Utlity WareJeddito Corrugated
Jeddito Plain
Jeddito Tooled
Kiet Siel Gray
Tusayan White WareBlack Mesa Black-on-white
Dogoszhi Black-on-white
Flagstaff Black-on-white
Kana'a Black-on-white
Lino Black-on-white
Sosi Black-on-white
Tusayan Black-on-white
Apachean (Southern Athapaskan)Southwest ApacheanJicarilla ApacheSangre de Cristo Micaceous WareCimarron Micaceous
Ocate Micaceus
NavajoNavajo Gray WareDinetah (Gobernador) Textured Gray
Dinetah Gray
Navajo Gray
Navajo Painted WareGobernador Polychrome
Navajo Painted
Southern ApachePeloncillo Brown WareSierra Plain
Western ApachePine Flat Gray WareApache Plain
Southern PlainsBorger Cordmarked