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Tradition Name: Middle Rio Grande

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

Ceramic types associated with the Middle Rio Grande tradition may include pottery from the Galisteo Basin, Southern Pajarito Plateau, Albuquerque area, as well as sections of the Rio Grande that include the eastern Keres Pueblos. Ceramic traditions associated with this area are difficult to define given the complex history of occupation of an area that seems to have been the focus of several waves of influences from groups from a number of different directions. This is further reflected by the numerous groups historically documented for this area including Keres, and Tigua (Southern Tewa) speaking groups Ceramics from prehistoric components also seem to reflect influences from regions to the south as reflected by the presence of San Marcial Black-on-white and brown wares as well regions to the west as indicated by Red Mesa Black-on-white and early sand tempered (Lino Gray and Kana’a Gray) types.

Later occupations are reflected by the wide spread distribution of glaze ware types including those tempered with latite, tuff and basalt. The description of glaze ware types expected to occur in the Middle Rio Grande and other Rio Grande regions are included in the descriptions of pottery types associated with this region. The present document does not yet include the full range of types required to document the diversity that is assumed to occur within this Middle Rio Grande, and we expect to add new categories based on feedback relating to the degree and nature of variation of ceramics from the Middle Rio Grande.

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