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Ware Name: Puname District Polychrome Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

For over 300 years decorated pottery produced by Eastern Keres groups, from the beginning of the Classic period to sometime just after the Pueblo Revolt, were decorated with glaze paint. The demise of the use of glaze paint by the early eighteenth century resulted in changes in the pottery produced at Keres Villages throughout the Middle Rio Grande (Harlow 1973; Harlow and Lammon 2003). Changes occurring in the Puname district during the eighteenth district are reflected by the production mineral painted polychromes decorated in both red and black matte pigments first at Zia Pueblo and later at the village established at Santa Ana that began in eighteenth century and continues today. This pottery is most similar to contemporaneous pottery produced at villages in the Colorado Plateau to the west, but even for small sherd fragments is easily distinguished by red high iron pastes and tempering material long utilized at villages in the Puname District.

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