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Type Name: Puname Polychrome

Period: 1700 A.D. - 1750 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande Valley
Branch: Southern Rio Grande
Tradition: Middle Rio Grande
Ware: Puname District Polychrome Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

Puname Polychrome was defined by Mera (1939). This type is assigned to pottery exhibiting characteristic of forms produced in the Puname district or Zia area in the Middle Rio Grande at about A.D. 1700. Historic matte painted polychrome produced in the Puname or Zia province are characterized by deep-red paste clays, basalt temper, and white slips. Vassel forms include jars and bowls that are decorated on both surfaces. The jars exhibit a distinct uncut with bulge during the lower or mid body that flares inward to the rim and narrows toward the base (Frank and Harlow 1990)..

Designs are executed in paneled bands or in all-over patterns on the upper part of the vessel (Harlow 2003; Harlow and Lammon 2003). Decorated areas on the upper body are divided in relatively equal panels that are sometimes separated by double vertical lines. Bands are usually framed by one or two thin decorated lines. Red matte-painted arcs on the mid-body bulge are a diagnostic feature. Other design elements include keys, circular arcs, triangles, step triangle, diamonds and recurrent feather symbols. The feather symbols are distinct and easily recognized often representing split feathers. Rims are slipped red, and the red often extends into the interior vessel wall. A simpler band consisting of repeated circular arcs may parallel the main band. A band of red slip separates the white slip upper portion of the vessel from the undecorated base.

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