Ancestral Pueblo: Greater MogollonJornada MogollonNorthern Jornada (Sierra Blanca)Salinas Plain WareSalinas Red

Type Name: Salinas Red

Period: 1620 A.D. - 1750 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Mogollon
Branch: Jornada Mogollon
Tradition: Northern Jornada (Sierra Blanca)
Ware: Salinas Plain Ware

First posted by D. Dean Wilson 2014

Salinas Red was defined by Toulouse (1949 ) to describe forms recovered during the excavations of the church and convento at Abo. Pottery assigned to this type is thought to have derived from Koyiti Glaze-on-red, and vessels are distinguished from this type solely by the absence of painted designs (Hayes and others 1981; Vivian 1964). Pastes are red sometimes with a gray core, and temper reflects the use of volcanic sources utilized in the Salinas Province. Slipped surfaces are beige to bright red, with a range of colors often present on the surface of a single vessel. Surfaces often exhibit a streaky polish and fire clouds are common. Distribution of shapes and vessel forms are similar to those noted for Koyiti Glaze-on-red and include soup plates, cups, candlesticks, jars and bowls. Pottery exhibiting similar characteristics and sequence of developments have also been noted at Pecos Pueblo, and appears to have continued to have been produced at pot-revolt contexts (Kidder and Shepard 1936). Pottery from this areas classified as Salinas Red seems to have influenced the production of finer and more evenly polished slipped wares that were long produced at Pueblo villages scattered across the Rio Grande.

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