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Tradition Name: Southern Apache

Tradition modifed from more broad (Western-Southern Apache) tradition defined by C. Dean Wilson 2014 based on input from Deni Seymour 2015

While in earlier versions of this web-page pottery produced by Western and Southern Apache groups were grouped together into a common tradition, they are now presented separately given the different life ways of Southern Apache groups such as the Chiricahua and Mescalero Apache in areas to the south and southeast of that occupied by the Western Apache. In past studies, the gray ware defined from Western Apache contexts have primarily served as a standard for Southern Apache pottery. Based on investigation in the territory historically inhabited by Chiricahua and Mescalero groups, Seymour (2008) feels that previously described Athabaskan types do not typify the range of pottery (forms has nothing to do with it) wares produced by these groups. For example all of the Terminal prehistoric and Historic pottery in areas occupied by Southern Apache groups pottery is made of clay that fires to reddish to brown in color. Seymour (2008) suggests the grouping of such pottery into Peloncillo Brown Ware. Thus in the latest version of this web-site, Southern Apache pottery is included in a separate tradition that include Peloncillo Brown Ware.

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