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Ware Name: Rio Abajo White Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson

Rio Abajo White Wares include some of the distinct types first noted for Mera for the area he described as the Southern Division of the Rio Grande that included mineral painted types such as San Marcial Black-on-white and Socorro Black-on-white. These seem to reflect a sequence of white wares that began with the local production of San Marcial Black-on-white from the seventh to the tenth century. A wave of influence from areas to the west is reflected by the occurrence of Red Mesa as the dominant type in contexts dating to the tenth century. This followed is followed by the production of Socorro Black-on-white, which seems to be quite distinct from pottery produced in surrounding regions, from the eleventh through the fourteenth century. Later types such as Elmendorf Black-on-white and Magdalena Black-on-white reflect shifts to use of organic paint and styles that reflect influences and in some cases even possible migrations from surrounding regions.

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