Ancestral Pueblo: Greater MogollonChihuahuaCasas GrandesCasas Grandes Utility WarePlayas Red - Red-on-brown

Type Name: Playas Red - Red-on-brown

Period: 800 A.D. - 1450 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Mogollon
Branch: Chihuahua
Tradition: Casas Grandes
Ware: Casas Grandes Utility Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

Playas Red was defined by Sayles 1936. This type exhibits pastes and temper similar that noted for Playas Incised in that it is covered with a red polished slip over plain surfaces (DiPeso and others 1974). Usually the exterior side of bowls and jars has a polished red slip and the interior side is brown and unslipped. Playas Red on Brown variant has wide bands of red paint on a brown vessel. This type appears to have developed out Convento Red that reflects a form long produced in the Casas Grandes region that reflects a local expression of Mogollon Plain Red Ware.

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