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Type Name: Tularosa White-on-red

Period: 1100 A.D. - 1350 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Mogollon
Branch: Mogollon Highlands
Tradition: Mogollon-Mimbres
Ware: Mogollon Red Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2914

Tularosa White-on-red refers to pottery described by Nesbitt (1938) as Reserve Polychrome and later described by Rinaldo and Bluhm (1953) as Tularosa White. This type appears to have been produced from about A.D. 1100 to 1350.

This type consists of bowls with exterior fillets and smudged interiors, and exhibits characteristics similar to those described for Tularosa Patterned Smudged except that the upper exterior surface is decorated with white clay paint (Rinaldo and Bluhm 1956; Wilson 1999). The decorated exterior is brown to orange and polished. Designs began just below the exterior rim fillets. Simple designs are executed in thin lines that include single lines, fret lines, chevrons, spirals, interlocking frets, stepped lines, and zigzag lines. In some cases the clay paint has worn off the surface, and the area that was originally painted is rougher than that for surrounding areas of the exterior surface.

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