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Tradition Name: Mogollon-Mimbres

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

This category refers to brown, white, and red ware types produced in areas of the Mogollon Highlands over much of southwest and west central New Mexico. Given similarities of temper and paste of utility ware over wide areas, this tradition is presently defined very broadly geographically. The distribution of late Mimbres White Ware types was more narrow and limited to the "Mimbres" Mogollon in Southwest New Mexico. While late whites wares in late white wares from sites in west central New Mexico are dominated by Southern Cibola types, these are assumed to have not been locally produced in the Mogollon Highlands, but appear to reflect trade wares originating from areas of the Colorado Plateau to the south. For now, descriptions of pottery types found in all regions of the Mogollon Highlands in New Mexico are included in descriptions for a single tradition, although this may be expanded in the future to encompass potential variation in ceramics produced in these different regions.

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