Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)Western AnasaziTusayan (Kayenta)Tusayan Utlity WareJeddito Corrugated

Type Name: Jeddito Corrugated

Period: 1300 A.D. - 1400 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)
Branch: Western Anasazi
Tradition: Tusayan (Kayenta)
Ware: Tusayan Utlity Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

Jeddito Corrugated was defined by Hargrave (1932). Jeddito Corrugated reflects the initial shift toward the firing of utility wares by Hopi potters in an oxidizing atmosphere during the fourteenth century. This type is distinguished from earlier Tusayan Corrugated types by yellow, pink, reddish to tan paste and surfaces along with gray patches and fire clouds (Colton 1956; Hargrave 1932). The variable combination of colors indicates firings of vessels were often in poorly controlled oxidation atmospheres.

Temper consist of a very coarse sand that is often visible on the surface. This type is almost always represented by wide mouth cooking or storage jars. A range of exteirior coil treatmants are represented indluding both indented and smeared forms.

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