Ancestral Pueblo: Greater MogollonChihuahuaCasas GrandesCasas Grandes Decorated or Polychrome WareCorralitos Polychrome

Type Name: Corralitos Polychrome

Period: 1200 A.D. - 1450 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Mogollon
Branch: Chihuahua
Tradition: Casas Grandes
Ware: Casas Grandes Decorated or Polychrome Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

Corralitos Polychrome was defined by Sayles (1935). This type is characterized by textured designs comprised of incised lines or punctate motifs surrounded by red and black painted lines (DiPeso and others 1974; Sayles 1936). Forms include jars and effigies. Temper is relatively coarse compared to other Casas Grandes polychrome types. Painted and incised decorations are limited to upper portions of vessels that tend to be polished, but are not slipped. Surfaces are tan, to brown in color. Lower portions of vessels tend to be covered with a red slip but otherwise do not exhibit decorations. Surfaces may be uneven and flaked. Painted designs are fairly crudely executed and simple in layout.

Designs were usually linear and included broad lines expanding into solid designs at the ends. Black painted lines often alternated with parallel incised lines. Rims were frequently decorated with a narrow band of straight vertical lines. Variants have been identified based on differences in incised treatments. Corralitos Polychrome Non-Punched has thick red and black lines painted on a tan to brown surface (Brand 1935; DiPeso and others 1974; Sayles 1936). Corralitos Textured Polychrome has alternating thick red and black lines that are outlined by incised or punched lines. It has been postulated that this typed out of Aztatlan Ware from Meso-America (DiPeso and others 1974). Corralitos Polychrome also exhibits some characteristics noted for El Paso Brown and Playas Incised. The simple rectilinear lines in clay slip are also similar to those noted for Tularosa Red-on-white (DiPeso and others 1974).

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