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Ware Name: Casas Grandes Decorated or Polychrome Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

The production of distinct Casas Grandes polychromes in areas of Chihuahua Mexico represents a distinct and independent development resulting in addition of black paint to red-on-brown types that often exhibited corrugated neck (Phillips 2014). Other early polychrome forms are on vessel surfaces that were entirely smoothed. The earliest Casas Grandes painted pottery do not appear to have been produced or distributed within the current boundaries of New Mexico, and thus are not included here. Later forms, produced during the Medio period, were widely distributed into New Mexico and particularly common in Southwest boot heel area. Early Chihuahua Polychromes are reflected by closely spaced parallel red and black lines. Pottery, such as Babicora Polychrome that began to be produced in the Medio period, reflect the use of finer and widely spaced lines, and a dynamic balance between red and black paint (Phillips 2914).

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