Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande ValleyNorthern Rio GrandePecosPecos Glaze WareGlaze V Polychrome (Pecos Valley) (E)

Type Name: Glaze V Polychrome (Pecos Valley) (E)

Period: 1515 A.D. - 1650 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande Valley
Branch: Northern Rio Grande
Tradition: Pecos
Ware: Pecos Glaze Ware

Pottery assigned to this category as defined here refers to locally produced sand tempered pottery at Pecos Pueblo exhibiting rim forms and associated decorations used by Kidder (1936) to defined Glaze V as well as a subset of Glaze D types defined Mera (1933. Kidder (1936) felt that pottery he assigned to the Glaze E represents the fists of the Pecos glaze ware sequence which could be easily demonstrated to have originated at Pecos which was thought to have largely felt had a local rather than general distribution. It has also been postulated that Pecos Glaze V was produced over a longer span of time than other glaze ware types at Pecos (Kidder 1936). Bowls assigned to this type elongated rims with dramatic thickening in areas just below the rim, resulting in a dramatic contrast in the wall profile between the thick upper portion near the rim and the thinner and evenly shaped areas below.

Pottery assigned to Glaze V is also described as reflecting a widespread shift back to light firing slip clays. Like earlier glaze wares with light slip, while there is additional decoration outlined in a red slip, the red elements tend to be darker and reduced in size of coverage. The main slip tends to be thick and varies from yellow, cream, to gray.Surfaces are moderately to slightly polished. The glaze paint tends to be thick, runny, and lustrous, usually ranging from a dark brown to black color. Bowl interiors are often decorated in dramatic allover patterns in bird, capitan, stripes and key motifs. Exteriors often consist of bands just below the rim that include similar motifs as noted in cent decorations but smaller and repeated,

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1936 The Pottey of Peocs, Volume II Glaze Paint, Culinary, and Other Wares. Papers of the Phillips Academy No.7, New Haven.

Mera, H. P.
1933 A Proposed Revision of the Rio Grande Glaze Paint Sequence. Laboratory of Anthropology Technical Series Bulletin No. 5. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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