Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande ValleyNorthern Rio GrandePecos Valley

Tradition Name: Pecos Valley

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

Most of the pottery from sites in the Pecos Valley, that seem to have been historically occupied, represents types closely resembling those known to have been produced in surrounding regions and are assigned to types defined for other traditions (Cordell 1998; Kidder and Amsden 1931; Kidder and Shepard 1936; Powell 2002). While glaze ware vessels appear to have been produced in the Pecos Valley during some periods and may be distinguished by the presence of sand or sandstone temper, other characteristics are similar to those noted for glaze wares produced in other areas and are not usually separated into distinct types. An exception is the description of Pecos Glaze Polychrome included for this tradition. Other pottery assigned to this tradition include Rowe Black-on-white that appears have developed out of Galisteo Black-on-white locally produced gray wares, and plain ware forms which include Pecos Striated a distinct form that was produced and traded during the historic period.

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