Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande ValleyNorthern Rio GrandePecosPecos Plain Ware

Ware Name: Pecos Plain Ware

Pecos Plain Wares as described here refers in part to pottery originally described as Undecorated Smoothed Wares (Kidder and Shepard 1936) and Plain Ware (Powell 2002). This ware refers to polished and unpainted forms produced during the historical or later occupation of Pecos Pueblo, that most commonly represented by bowls. These are similar to plain polished forms known to have been produced during the Colonial, Mexican, and the Early spans of the American Period in different regions of the Pueblo World, and are differentiated based on the presence of sand temper exhibiting indicating likely production in the Pecos Valley. Types are distinguished based on the presence of smudged or red slipped slips and in some cases exterior striations.

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