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Type Name: Pecos Valley Plain Unpolished Utility

Period: 1100 A.D. - 1838 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande Valley
Branch: Northern Rio Grande
Tradition: Pecos Valley
Ware: Pecos Valley Gray Ware

Posted by C. Dean Wilson 2018

This category refers to a subset of gray wares originally characterized bas Plain surfaced culinary ware (Kidder 1936). This category is characterized by forms with rough unpolished plain exteriors and unpolished but often slightly more smoothed interiors, Pottery assigned to this group are dominated by dark gray pastes that re sometimes tan or brown and a poorly sorted sand similar to that noted for other utility wares. Vessel forms are overwhelmingly dominated by cooking jars with low to intermediate rim eversion. At Forked Lightning Pueblo pottery assigned to this category tend to be more common at later components than Smeared Binded Corrugated. The latest form of this type may reflected by bowl forms that seem to reflect unpolished and unslipped variations of plain wares. Pottery assigned to this group is distinct from earlier forms from Developmental Period sites in the surrounding area that tend to exhibit lighter pastes and represented by a range of vessel forms.

Kidder, Alfred V.
1936 The Pottey of Peocs, Volume II Glaze Paint, Culinary, and Other Wares. Papers of the Phillips Academy No.7, New Haven.

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