Ancestral Pueblo: Greater MogollonJornada MogollonSouthern Jornada (El Paso)El Paso Brown - Polychrome Ware

Ware Name: El Paso Brown - Polychrome Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2012

The major distinction made here in the classification of Jornada brown ware types associated with different traditions is based on conventions focusing on the distinction of pottery that may have originated in the Southern Jornada Region or El Paso area through the recognition of El Paso Brown (Wiseman 1996). While such seem to be warranted, they can be very difficult to make for individual sherds that may exhibit combinations of attributes commonly used to distinguish more than one type. El Paso Brown and El Paso Polychrome reflect a shift toward the decoration of brown ware vessels after A.D. 1200, and sherds are distinguished based on evidence of slip or painted decorations on individual sherds.

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