Apachean (Southern Athapaskan)Southwest ApacheanWestern Apache

Tradition Name: Western Apache

Tradition modifed from more broad (Western-Southern Apache) tradition defined by C. Dean Wilson 2014 based on input from Deni Seymour 2015

While in earlier versions of this document, pottery produced by Western and Southern Apache groups were grouped together into a common tradition, they are now presented separately given differences associated with these different groups.The Western Apache tradition as described here reflects our initial attempt to group pottery forms produced by mobile-Apache in east-central Arizona including the Cibecue, Northern Tonto, Southern Tonto, San Carlos, and White Mountain Apache. Pine Flat Gray has been defied pottery defined for the Western Apache (mostly north of the Gila) and is characteristic by pottery with dark gray pastes and surfaces and shapes indative of production by Western Apach groups.

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