Ancestral Pueblo: Greater MogollonGreater SaladoUpper Gila (Highland Salado)Gila (Salado) Utility WareSalado White-on-red

Type Name: Salado White-on-red

Period: 1250 A.D. - 1450 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Mogollon
Branch: Greater Salado
Tradition: Upper Gila (Highland Salado)
Ware: Gila (Salado) Utility Ware

Salado White-on-red was defined by Gladwin (1936) and refers to painted forms of Salad Red Ware forms and appear to be common at sites in the Roosevelt Basin. Temper includes fine volcanic and alluvial sand and occasional crushed sherd. Vessels were produced by the coil technique and fired in an oxidation atmosphere. Pastes is brown to red. Vessel forms include bowls, narrow pitchers. Exterior surfaces exhibit faint and highly obliterated corrugated impressions covered with a bright red slip and decorations in white slip. Interior surfaces are usually highly polished and covered with a black smudged surface. Similar pottery but without faint smeared corrugated treatments have been described as Cliff Red-on-white. Decorations include straight, zig zag, chevron, spiral, parallel narrow lines. These lines are additional decorated with ticks and dots on are inside the line decorations.


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Salado White-on-red jar