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Ware Name: Maverick Mountain Polychrome Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

As is the case for pottery assigned to Roosevelt Red Ware or Salado Polychrome types, the origin of Maverick Mountain Polychromes can be traced to groups from the Tusayan region who began to move south during the thirteenth century first into the Point of Pines region and then into other Southwestern provinces. These connections are reflected by similarities between Tsegi Orange Ware and Maverick Polychrome types. Similarities are reflected in decoration in black paint and red and white slip (Lyons 2012). The increasing differences between Maverick Mountain Polychrome and Tsegi Orange Ware types reflect both influences resulting from the utilizations of ceramic resources associated with the new environments that were settled as well as influences from other traditions with which these immigrant groups came in contact. Descriptions presented here are limited to later types associated with this ware group that were produced by groups in settled into the southern and westernmost areas of the Salado and appear to reflect forms that were produced by potters who also produced late Salado Utility and Salado Polychrome forms in Southwest New Mexico.

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