Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande ValleyNorthern Rio GrandePecosPecos Glaze WareGlaze III Polychrome (Pecos Valley) (C)

Type Name: Glaze III Polychrome (Pecos Valley) (C)

Period: 1425 A.D. - 1500 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande Valley
Branch: Northern Rio Grande
Tradition: Pecos
Ware: Pecos Glaze Ware

Posted by Dean Wilson 2018

Pottery assigned to this category as defined here refers to locally produced sand tempered pottery at Pecos Pueblo exhibiting rim forms and associated decorations used by Kidder (1936) to define Glaze C as well as by Mera (1933) is definition of at least a subset of Glaze C types such as pottery described as Espinosa Polychrome. This type seems to mark the common production of pottery in the Pecos area as reflected by the common occurrence of sand or sandstone temper. As is the case of contemporaneous glaze forms produced elsewhere commonly assigned the Espinosa Glaze Polychrome, this type is characterized by rims with club shaped profiles exhibiting a gentle recurve and a rounded lip with the greatest thickness where the even curve of the vessel is resumed (Kidder 1936). Pottery associated with this group also commonly exhibits a three color effect resulting from the use of dark glaze and red paint often on light (white, gray to yellow) backgrounds. Overall design styles and arrangements for both interior and exterior surfaces are similar to those described elsewhere in this document for Espinosa Glaze Polychrome.

Kidder, Alfred V.
1936 The Pottey of Peocs, Volume II Glaze Paint, Culinary, and Other Wares. Papers of the Phillips Academy No.7, New Haven.

Mera, H. P.
1933 A Proposed Revision of the Rio Grande Glaze Paint Sequence. Laboratory of Anthropology Technical Series Bulletin No. 5. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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