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Type Name: McDonalds Corrugated

Period: 1100 A.D. - 1300 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Mogollon
Branch: Mogollon Highlands
Tradition: Mogollon-Mimbres
Ware: Mogollon Brown Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

McDonalds Corrugated was defined by Haury and Hargrave (1931). This type refers to the rare occurrence of brown wares exhibiting characteristics of Reserve Smudged Corrugated along with designs in white clay paint on the exterior surface (Hays-Gilpin and van Hartesveldt 1998). This type is quite rare particularly in areas in New Mexico and may be largely limited to forms produced along the Mogollon Rim during the twelfth and thirteenth century.

Paste in McDonalds Corrugated tends to be gray to brown and temper includes an angular rock and fine sand indicative of volcanic inclusions. This type is almost always represented by deep straight sided bowls with rounded rims. Interior surfaces are polished with black smudging and exteriors represent corrugated forms with fine coils with manipulations similar to those described for Reserve Corrugated types. McDonalds Corrugated appears to differ from other corrugated brown ware types by decorations in white clay paint over the corrugated exterior that often began just below the rim of the fillet. The white designs are medium in width and consist of parallel lines forming triangular or chevron patterns.

Haury, Emil W. and Lyndon L. Hargrave
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Hays-Gilpin, Kelley., and Eric van Hartesveldt
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