Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)Central AnasaziNorthern San JuanNorthern San Juan Gray WareDolores Corrugated

Type Name: Dolores Corrugated

Period: 1000 A.D. - 1250 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)
Branch: Central Anasazi
Tradition: Northern San Juan
Ware: Northern San Juan Gray Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2013

Dolores Corrugated was defined by Lucius and Wilson (1981). This type is assigned to corrugated rim forms exhibiting degrees of eversion intermediate between those earlier described to Mancos Corrugated and Mesa Verde Corrugated (Wilson and Blinman 1995). Rim sherds exhibiting moderate eversion (approximately 30 to 55 degrees) are assigned to Dolores Corrugated (Wilson and Blinman). Pottery assigned to this type is extremely rare at contexts dating prior to A.D. 1050, but becomes more common at those dating to the second half of the eleventh century, during which time they are the most common corrugated rim type. The frequency of Dolores Corrugated in assemblages dating through the twelfth century declines, but this type continues to account for a significant minority of the corrugated rim sherds through the end of the Pueblo III period. The overall shape of Dolores Corrugated appears to reflect a shift toward more narrow rim openings relative to vessel size. As is the case for later associations of Mancos Corrugated, the range of textures associated with Dolores Corrugated is quite variable reflecting considering variation in both degree obliteration and spacing of corrugations.

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1981 Formal Descriptions of Mesa Verde Region Ceramic Types: Three New, One Old. Pottery Southwest 8(3):4 7.

Wilson, C. Dean, and Eric Blinman
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