Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)Western AnasaziTusayan (Kayenta)Jeddito Yellow WareJeddito Black-on-orange - Polychrome

Type Name: Jeddito Black-on-orange - Polychrome

Period: 1200 A.D. - 1350 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)
Branch: Western Anasazi
Tradition: Tusayan (Kayenta)
Ware: Jeddito Yellow Ware

Jeddito Black-on-orange was first described by Hargrave (1932) and Colton and Hargrave (1937). This type refers to a transitional type in Hopi sequence reflecting a mix of characteristics noted Tsegi Orange Ware and Jeddito Yellow Ware types. Vessels are very hard and durable and pastes tend to be vitrified, usually with a fine texture. Pastes cross sections vary from yellow, orange, to pink sometimes with a gray core. Surfaces are compact, hard and moderately to well polished, and covered with a orange to orange red slip, that may sometimes be gray or brown. Temper often consists of a fine quarts sand with small yellow, gray, black or red fragments and occasional large dull fragments. The great majority of forms are bowls and dippers with jars present but vey rare. Painted decorations are executed in a thinly applied black pigment that reflects the use of ground manganese. Designs may organized in bands framed by thick framing lines or bold allover quartered layouts (Smith 1971). Designs consist of intricate combinations of parallel lines, fine hachure that is often formed by connected triangles or lines, interlocking triangles, checkered squares, cross hachure, pendants, dots, triangles, triangles with attached interlocking scrolls and step triangles. Intricate combinations of painted designs often cover much of the decorated areas, with emphasis sometimes on the negative space created by combinations of closely spaced design elements.

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