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Ware Name: Sangre de Cristo Micaceous Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2014

Sangre de Cristo Micaceous refers to micaceous pottery known to have been produced by Jicarilla Apache groups during the historic period (Baugh and Eddy 1987). While four pottery types have been noted for this tradition, only two types are described here. This type reflects the adoption of the production of highly micaceous pottery by Jicarilla groups and appears to be closely related to similar pottery produced at Taos Pueblo (Woosley and Olinger 1993). Pottery associated with this ware is found over a wide area of northeast and north-central New Mexico and its wide distribution reflects both mobility of Apache groups and production and trade of micaceous pottery to different groups with which they came into contact. Similarities of this pottery to that known to have been produced by Pueblo and Hispanic groups may also present challenges in recognition and identification of micaceous pottery which was produced by Jicarilla Apache groups.

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