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Type Name: Hispanic Micaceous

Period: 1760 A.D. - 1940 A.D
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Greater Upper Rio Grande Valley
Branch: Northern Rio Grande
Tradition: Rio Grande Hispanic
Ware: Hispanic Utility-Plain Ware

1760 to 1940
Pottery described here as Hispanic Micaceous Ware is represented by a range of forms including those exhibiting characteristics indicate of possible production and historic Hispanic household. This type appears to include examples previously described as Manzano Micaceous, Cimarron Micaceous, Vadito Micaceous, Penasco Micaceous and El Rito Micaceous Slip (Carrillo 1997; Warren 1981). Some of the micaceous pottery forms produced during earlier spans of the Spanish Colonial continued to be produced during the late 17th, 19th and earlier twentieth century by a wide range of groups that during different time spans included different Pueblos, Jicarilla Apache, Navajo, and Genezaro or Hispanic groups ((Warren 1981). Vessel forms include bean pots, flanged soup plates, ollas, small handled jars (atoles), comales, flanged soup plates and flat plates Micaceous, all these forms except for El Rito Micaceous were produced using residual clays with no added temper. These types exhibit thin walls, with crushed mica and granite temper in a laminar structure (Warren 1981). Pastes tend to be hard and durable reflecting firing in a high temperature and reducing atmosphere and surface are often rough and upolished or slightly polished sometimes exhibiting striated grooves. El Rito Micaceus exhibtis sand temper or sandstone temper, relatively thick walls, and a micaceous slip.

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