Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)Central AnasaziChaco and CibolaCibola-Tusayan Gray WareTohatchi Neckbanded

Type Name: Tohatchi Neckbanded

Period: 900 A.D. - 1050 A.D.
Culture: Ancestral Pueblo: Southern Colorado Plateau (Anasazi)
Branch: Central Anasazi
Tradition: Chaco and Cibola
Ware: Cibola-Tusayan Gray Ware

First posted by C. Dean Wilson 2013

Tohatchi Banded was defined by Olson and Wasley (1956). Tohatchi Neckbanded as described here is similar to Coconino Gray of the Tusayan tradition except for its assumed association in the Cibola region rather than the Tusayan region (Olson and Wasley 1956). Tohatchi Neckbanded appears to have been produced through the tenth and to the middle of the eleventh century.

Tohatchi Neckbanded also exhibits a similar range of coil treatments as noted for Mancos Gray produced in the Northern San Juan region. This type is distinguished by the presence of narrow bands of coils along the neck of jars (Reed and others 1998; Windes 1977). These bands tend to be flattened and narrow, and often show little relief although examples are slightly clapboarded. Other examples of this type exhibit incised decorations across the coils. Paste is usually coarse and light to dark gray. Temper consists of sand or sandstone and temper tends to be finer than earlier gray ware types as well as contemporaneous types from the Tusayan region. Vessel forms are dominated by cooking and storage jars but also includes pitchers.

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